Our process-driven approach to maintaining the best coverage for the best price

Stage 1: Evaluate & Design

We review your personal insurance risk and design a COVERAGE program that will greatly reduce your overall exposure. We then look at insurance policy issues, such as deductibles, limits, riders, co-insurance issues, replacement cost, and more.

Stage 2: Personalized Analysis

We put YOU and YOUR COVERAGE CRITERIA into the PRICE ANALYZER. This process scans the 16 partnering companies of The Canopy Group to determine the best initial and long-term pricing. In this stage, we also discuss your specific situation with the most competitive insurance companies.

Stage 3: Claim Time

We stand with YOU at claim time! We do not work for any of the insurance companies we represent, we work for YOU! If a claim is not being handled correctly, The Canopy Group leverages our $20,000,000 of premium for YOUR benefit.

Stage 4: Continuous Monitoring

We continue monitoring the above stages on a day in, day out basis. As your situation changes and your insurance needs change, we are there to provide you many alternate options. Insurance companies change, too. When this occurs, we are on top of these changes and will provide you alternatives. Do not be stuck with one company and one price. Free yourself from captive agencies with The Canopy Group and the insurance company that best fits YOU.

Please view The Canopy Group’s informational videos, which describe our process and provide you valuable insight as to what actually goes into determining the best insurance programs.

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