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70% of Minnesotans only have ONE insurance agent representing ONE insurance company.

The Canopy Group has 20 professionals representing 16 companies.

New customers save an average of $436!

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We have 16 companies, I bet you only have 1.
Who's going to pay their hospital bills?
Who's paying for this accident?

Did You Know?

64.8% of US families are homeowners as of 3/31/14, the lowest percentage in the country since 1995. (source: Census Bureau)

Why The Canopy Group?

At The Canopy Group, we cover risks that are both insurable and the uninsurable. We have 20 dedicated professionals all licensed to manage your risk, whether it is for your personal or business needs. Transferring your risk to us gives you one less thing to worry about. At The Canopy Group, we’ve got you covered…

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